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About Merlo:

Merlo is a prominent, dynamic, state-of-the-art industrial company, with exclusively private capital for the production of high technology machines. It is an established entrepreneurial Group which can claim a front row position on all the world markets and is the international point of reference when talking about telehandlers.  The Group is composed of companies created to complete an ambitious project: create products designed and constructed entirely in Italy.

A challenge achieved.

Because Merlo is not an "assembler" but an extremely vertical industrial company that designs, develops and produces in house most of the components. This makes it possible to always find the best solution for the requirements of the customers, achieving products designed and created entirely in Italy. Merlo's success in the world stems from its capacity to know how to anticipate the needs of the markets and every machine produced proves the company's commitment to offering their customers the best technology available today, with the guarantee of fifty years of experience in research and innovation. It is precisely thanks to the research, the innovation and the continuous development of new products that the Merlo Company wants to further strengthen its leadership in advanced technologies and quality.
The Merlo Group, founded in 1964, has over 1,200 employees and the covered area of the Cuneo plants is around 220,000 square metres. Over 90% of production is exported all over the world through a commercial network divided into 7 subsidiaries and over 600 dealers. The Merlo Group is the market leader in telehandlers with rotating turret and in telehandlers with hydrostatic transmission.

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Elevating Efficiency: an in-depth look at high-capacity telehandlers

High-capacity telehandlers offer high lift and lifting capacity and are a more maneuverable option than cranes for moving and lifting materials around the jobsite. With a wide variety of attachments for handling materials from pipes to pallets, these machines are primed for work on construction sites, industrial applications, working in the oil and gas and mining industries, and stockpile management.

Merlo introduces modular range of telehandlers

Merlo says that their investment in their new modular range of telehandlers is the most important and the biggest change ever made to their product offering. This project cost more than 250 million euros, more than the usual 8.8 percent annually spent on R & D, and will increase total production by 27 percent to meet global demand. 

Rotating telehandlers gaining ground in Canadian market

Canada is steadily catching on to the benefits of the rotating telehandler. While still behind countries like Germany, where one in three telehandlers are of rotary design, these machines are gaining popularity across Canada in all construction trades.

Four new models of Merlo telehandlers

The Merlo Turbofarmer range of telehandlers from Manulift is made up of four models: TF35.7, TF33.9, TF30.9 and TF33.7. These telehandlers are equipped with a Deutz TCD Tier 4 Final engine generating 115 or 122 hp. A new engine hood has an air suction point well above ground for maximum protection against dust. A Fan Drive system allows users to change the rotation direction of the fan to help clean the radiator. A patented Class 1 hydrostatic transmission maximizes performance.

Merlo boosts fuel economy in new telehandler range

The Merlo Group is launching its new HM range with the P50.18, P65.14 and P120.10 models. Their high-performing and efficient Tier 4 Interim engine with 4-cylinder and 176hp ensures that the fuel economy is 40 percent higher than other brands, the company states. This engine uses an SCR post-treatment system. It uses a catalyzer that exploits a chemical reaction between the polluting agents and a mixture of water and urea, reducing the emissions.

Merlo reduces costs from five men and 30 minutes to one man and 15 minutes

Located in St-Odilon, 85 km south of Quebec City, Structures MFV specializes in erecting steel structures. Since their beginnings in 2005, they have become known across the province of Quebec for the quality of their work and because of this are constantly growing.

New Merlo dealer in Western Canada

Manulift EMI, the Canadian importer of Merlo telehandlers, has recently concluded a major dealership agreement in Western Canada with Kubota Country located in Fairview, Alberta. This will allow Merlo’s products to be available in Yukon, Northwest Territories as well as Western Alberta, and Eastern British Colombia.

Merlo Panoramic 120.10HM attracting lots of attention

Merlo’s new Panoramic 120.10 HM, with its 12,000 kg (26,455 lb) lift capacity and its 9.8 m (32 feet) of lift height, is drawing the attention of people working in many industries: hydroelectricity, wind energy, mines and heavy industries. They see its potential for yard handling and equipment maintenance.

Merlo rotating manlift

Designed and developed for the specific needs of Euro Disney, Merlo says that its MPR 15/18 high capacity manlift will soon revolutionize the manlift industry in Canada. 

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Alternative to the articulated wheel loader

Newly arrived from Italy, the new Panoramic 75.9CS Merlo has many important innovations. This new telehandler with a capacity of 7 500 kg (16550 lb) and with a reach of 9m (30’) is getting a lot of interest from the heavy handling industry.

Perfect fusion of telehandler and tractor

The Alfred Boivin Group in Chicoutimi, Quebec owns and uses more than 1,000 machines for their winter and summer activities, but admits it has never had any equipment as efficient as their Merlo Multifarmer 30.9. And this company knows equipment, having more than 60 years of experience in fields such as civil engineering, drilling, and operating sand pits.