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Manitou upgrades the TMT 55 HT/XT/4-Way Tier 4 telescopic truck-mounted forklifts

TMT 55 HT truck-mounted forklift
TMT 55 HT truck-mounted forklift

Manitou, world leader in all-terrain material handling, is pleased to announce the Tier 4 upgrade to the TMT 55 and TMT 55 4-Way Telescopic Truck Mounted Forklifts to the North American market. This upgrade provides several new enhancements to the truck mounted telescopic forklift; including a new single-engine hood design, plastic roof cover for the cabin, new dashboard layout and improved instrument cluster. These additions make the TMT 55 even easier to operate, offering solutions for businesses looking to increase productivity and work more efficiently, with the ability to load/unload from the single-side of a truck bed.

The TMT 55 travels lightly on the back of a trailer, allowing more capacity for additional materials to be hauled with each load. The overall machine is compact in dimensions, with a maximum lifting capacity of 5,500 pounds (2495 kg) and a maximum lift height of 11 feet 3 inches (3.43 metres). There are four versions of the TMT 55 available, including the “HT” with “High Traction” or “XT” with “Extra Traction”. These two options are offered as either the standard TMT 55 or the TMT 55 4-Way. The TMT 55 4-Way will provide four-way steering, pivoting the forklift to travel sideways or forward at 180 degrees, assisting the machine to handle longer and wider loads, or work in areas with tight entrances.

While most truck mounted forklifts are designed with a mast, the Manitou TMT 55 is patented as a “free lift” forklift, providing telescopic extension up to 4 feet 10 inches (1.47 metres). This “free lift” design provides 360 degree views, because the operator’s vision is not blocked by the stationary mast, and allows the overall height of the forklift to remain consistent at the cabin height. This makes it possible to carry loads into areas with restricted lift heights, such as entering a garage and even low clearance doorways. This design also allows the side-shift components of the machine to be placed higher up to the right of the operator’s cab, versus between the tires on a stationary mast. This provides less chance of damage from jobsite travel debris.

Upgraded for full-performance, the TMT 55 is powered with a 49 hp (37 kW) Tier 4–certified Kubota diesel engine, providing 111 ft.lbs. (150.5 Nm) of torque. This new engine utilizes DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) technology, with no regeneration downtime and no extra fluid additives. The engine and other routine maintenance components are fully-accessible with the all-new single engine hood, located to the right of the machine. This makes serviceability easier and more efficient. The radiator is accessible with a three threaded knob cover and is located behind the engine compartment.

A new dashboard layout and enhanced digital display are both upgrades on the TMT 55. The digital display shows hour meter, fuel level, driving direction, engine temperature, fluid levels and warning indicators all in one place. Encompassed in a spacious ROPS and FOPS certified cab, the machine comes standard with working lights, interior and exterior mirrors, all-new plastic roof cover, a strobe light with breakaway bracket, and is pre-wired for DOT.

Operation is made easy with three intuitive multi-function joystick controls. Most of the main boom functions are contained within the first main joystick which navigates the up and down motion as well as the telescopic extension and retraction. There is also a switch on the right side of this joystick to select directional drive. The remaining two joysticks are located behind the first, one controls the tilt and boom sideshift and the other is used to control the standard stabilizers. The stabilizers, when fully deployed, will double the capacity at forward reach from 1,650 pounds (748 kg) to 3,300 pounds (1497 kg). This machine also comes standard with a differential lock switch, allowing all three wheels to rotate in the same direction at the same speed for more traction when necessary.

The Manitou TMT 55 Truck Mounted Telescopic Forklift is positioned in the North American market for businesses applications that require loading/unloading of materials, including the rental industry. This machine excels in many diverse markets, some of the most popular industries are: Lumber, Brick/Block, Window/Door, Food/Beverage, Roofing, Landscaping, Transport Logistics, Storage/Warehouse, Drywall, Construction, Rental and many more.

“The enhanced Manitou Tier IV TMT 55 offers multiple solutions for any business looking for a compact telescopic forklift to perform loading applications quickly, along with the ability to travel lightly on the back of a truck bed,” says Wayne Cox, Associate Product Manager for Manitou Forklifts. “The true advantage of this machine comes from its patented free lift design which allows it to smoothly sideshift like a telescopic handler, unload from the single side of a trailer, and perform in areas with restricted heights. These features make the TMT 55 unique in its market, and well adaptive for many applications.”

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