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TMT 55 HT 4W

The TMT 55 HT 4W is an all-terrain truck-mounted forklift designed for loading and unloading lorries and making customer deliveries even when ground conditions aren't as smooth as they could be, or when customers don't have a loading/unloading bay. It's incredibly useful in the construction sector for materials delivery with its increased robustness and reduced payload.

Built to last, the controls are incredibly easy to to grasp and upkeep has been simplifed as well. With offset and lateral movement modes, it can load and unload lorries from a single side with no problems. This is particularly useful when lorries are parked alongside a wall, on the side of the road or if you have to navigate a narrow path.


Key Specifications
Lifting height 3.43 m (11'3")
Lifting Capacity 2500 kg (5500 lb)
Max reach 1.47 m (4'1")
Max reach capacity 793 kg (1750 lb)
Weight (unladen) 2722 kg (6000 lb)
Power 37 kW (49 hp)

Company Info

1 Gehl Way
West Bend, WI
US, 53095


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