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TMT 55

The TMT 55 is a truck-mounted forklift equipped with a telescopic boom designed to handle materials where a loading/unloading bay is not available. Boom robustness, engine power and the ability to load and unload lorries from a single side mean you can perform handling tasks even when space is at a premium, such as when the lorry is parked on the side of the road or alongside a wall.

The compact dimensions make it particularly popular with logistics professionals, so you can safely make deliveries to customers with no additional exhausting heavy lifting, regardless of delivery site surface conditions or the amount of space available.


Key Specifications
Lifting height 3.43 m (11'3")
Lifting capacity 2500 kg (5500 lb)
Max reach 1.5 m (4'11")
Max reach capacity 748 kg (1650 lb)
Weight (unladen) 2604 kg (5728.8 lb)
Power 36.5 KW (49 hp)

Company Info

1 Gehl Way
West Bend, WI
US, 53095


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