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Landoll introduces Next Generation 900D Series Traveling Tail trailers

The Landoll 930 Traveling Tail is part of the 900 Series trailers.
The Landoll 930 Traveling Tail is part of the 900 Series trailers.

Landoll Corporation Trailer Division has unveiled the “Next Generation Landoll” (NGL) 900D Series Traveling Tail trailers. The 900D Traveling Tail trailer is equipped with a new hydraulic operating system, nicknamed “HOSS” and an all-new Grote lighting package. The Traveling Tail has been transformed with increased operational speed and the dynamic “High Visibility” lighting package that increases visual awareness and driver safety during night operations. Operational efficiencies, less heat buildup, and noise reduction – along with improved driver safety – are key benefits of the Next Generation trailer. Operational speed increases dramatically with the new HOSS system operating at 20 gpm. 

“For several years we have needed to clean up the system to make it more user friendly,” said Gary Dwerlkotte. The control panel is located at chest height, encouraging ergonomic, improving visual sightlines, and now allows other optional features to be installed directly onto the control panel. Brad Bergman added that “This better technology and design simplifies the system.”

“Listening to the customer always leads us to how or what we need to improve,” said Jim Ladner. “HOSS will not only increase operational efficiency, but also keep the customer safe by getting them out of the danger zone quicker.”

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