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Landoll Corporation - 930D Traveling Tail Lowboy Trailers

The Landoll 930 Traveling Tail is part of the 900 Series trailers. The tail is capable of lifting 24,000 up to 53" dock height. Maximize your loads by utilizing the entire deck and maximize your payload by having the undercarriage five feet behind the main hinge. The longer wheelbase gives you proper weight distribution between tractor and trailer and fully supports the tail.

The traveling tail concept allows for stable dock loading and increases your payload by having a longer wheel base.


Key specifications
Capacity 70,000 lbs.
Deck Rating 50,000 lbs. in 10'
Estimated Base Weight 16,300 lbs. (48')
Loaded Ground Clearance 20"
Loaded deck height 38"
Width 102"

Company Info

1900 North Street
PO Box 111
Marysville, KS
US, 66508


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