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New Atlas Copco BC bucket crushers – improved performance with less maintenance

BC 3700 bucket crusher.
BC 3700 bucket crusher.

At Bauma 2016 Atlas Copco will present its new generation of BC bucket crushers offering up to 80 percent higher output than previous models. High resistance to wear and fatigue, and greater reliability despite significantly reduced maintenance requirements make the new BC bucket crusher one of the best pieces of equipment in its class. Designed for carriers from 22-38 tonnes, the machine is available in two versions, BC 2500 and BC 3700.

The robust BC 2500 and BC 3700 bucket crushers are a smart choice for “small” demolition, recycling and road construction applications where they are often an efficient alternative to a mobile jaw crusher. Capable of crushing up to 110 tons/hour, they also offer a high level of flexibility in terms of operating reach, depending on the mobility of the carrier.

Unmatched output, greater reliability

A unique circular crushing cycle gives the new BC bucket crushers unmatched performance with up to 80 percent higher output than previous models.

The advanced twin-drive system comprises two powerful hydraulic motors. The sturdy timing belt is designed for long service life and the system provides huge torque right from the start. Full loading capacity can be used without risk of blockages and the absence of slippage during startup ensures constant power transmission and no extra load on the bearings. The internally mounted drive system allows a narrower shape without compromising loading capacity. This gives enhanced usability and improved reliability.

Automatic anti-lock mechanism, reversible operation

Two useful features on the new BC bucket crusher provide stable productivity. The automatic anti-lock mechanism gives continuous repositioning of the material, ensuring that even larger pieces are guided automatically in the direction of the crushing jaw.

If the material gets jammed, the reversing function enables the operator to change the rotation direction, push the material back into the inlet and thus easily remove the blockage.

Easy adjustment of crushing size 

When adjusting the crushing size (granulometry) on the new BC bucket crushers, intuitive functionality eliminates the need for long experience or special craftsmanship. In very little time, the user can adjust the required jaw outlet correctly without any special tools.

Using a BC bucket crusher can reduce operating costs

All types of inert material, including asphalt, stone and concrete debris, mine and quarry material, can be crushed and re-used on-site using a rig-mounted BC bucket crusher. Crushed material can be re-used directly or sold to third parties. This requires less mechanical equipment, lower transportation and dumpsite costs and only one operator who handles both the demolition attachment and the bucket crusher.

BC 3700 bucket crushers is a smart choice for demolition, recycling and road construction.

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