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Atlas Copco FlexiROC T25 R – new drill rig for hole diameters of 45–57 mm

Atlas Copco FlexiROC T25 R –  new drill rig for hole diameters of 45–57 mm

Atlas Copco's FlexiROC T25 R drill rig is designed for hole diameters of 45–57 mm but can also be used in the 38–64 mm range.

This rig offers all of the advantages of the larger FlexiROC T30 R but with the COP 1435 rock drill, a tophammer that is perfectly matched to small-hole drilling tasks.

COP 1435 is a high frequency rock drill equipped with a double dampening system to ensure long life for both shank adapters and drill rods. Together with the FlexiROC T25 R it develops 14 kW, making the rig a perfect choice for foundation drilling, trenching and, to a certain extent, road construction.

Product Manager Marcus Leu says: “A number of large infrastructure projects are either underway or being planned right now, not least in the Nordic countries, and this, together with the growth and expansion of the big cities, is generating an increasing amount of drilling and blasting work.

“As a result, the contractors need to have a wide hole range for small to medium-large blasting work, particularly in and around densely populated areas, and this new rig gives them this capability.”

Like the larger FlexiROC T30 R, FlexiROC T25 R is based on a design platform developed in the 1990s, which has since been updated and refined.

The FlexiROC T25 R has been initially produced for the Scandinavian market and will be available worldwide.

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