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Let IMT® do the heavy lifting for you. Offering an exceptional lift-to-weight ratio, our 40/275 articulating cranes have a max lifting capacity of 19,025 lb (8630 kg) and maximum horizontal boom reach of nearly 70 ft (21.3 m). These cranes provide the power, durability, and versatility you need to complete a wide variety of projects in even the most challenging job sites. Plus, performance-driven features like radio remote control help make your operation more efficient.

Features & Benefits

Internal Hose Routing

Fed internally through protective nylon drag chains or roller guides, all hoses are equipped with sturdy, high-pressure swivel couplings to prevent them from twisting.


Overbending between the main boom and jib provides greater flexibility when working under power wires and more potential for high lifting in narrow passages. It also lowers the total height when the loader is stowed over the truck body.

Stow Bracket Innovation

The stow bracket is designed to secure the boom for transport position but not allow for bracket damage. Unlike systems with rigid fixed brackets, the “J” hook will pivot if an incorrect movement is attempted.

Power Source

Standard integral-mounted piston hydraulic pump and PTO application.

Hydraulic System

Regeneration system on extension cylinder to ensure quick deployment. Hydraulic oil reservoir, air breather, replaceable return-line filter, and control valve with levers.

Overload System

Load-limiting capability for boom functions. Rated capacity limitation (RCL) 5300 blocks load increasing functions when full capacity is attained.

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