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The H series compactors rise to any challenge with outstanding compaction force. And the static linear load speaks for itself: on the H 16i for example, it’s over 50 kg/cm*. This means that the compactors are ideally equipped for effi cient and speedy compaction with deep penetration.

Features & Benefits

Driver comfort

Comfortable driver’s seat, individually adjustable and rotatable. Outstanding view over the machine and the surrounding construction site from all seat positions.

Telematics interface

Standardized interface for the transmission of machine and process data.

Compaction measurement

A specially designed area under the front cross member is provided to accommodate easily accessible compaction measuring devices.

Three-point swivel joint

Outstanding off-road mobility, unique driving stability and directional stability provide for secure manoeuvring even on uneven terrain.


Intelligently designed airflow for effective engine cooling. Engine cooling is ensured without heating up the driver’s cabin. Operation is possible at outside temperatures of up to 50°C.

Wide range of roller drums

Available with a smooth drum, padfoot drum, padfoot segments and VC crusher drum.

VIO drum

Unlike with vibration, oscillation creates a movement during which the drum always remains in contact with the ground. The VIO drum combines vibration and oscillation in one system. The driver can switch between the two compaction systems while moving.


Driver’s cabin with perfect all-round visibility. Individually adjustable operating console with integrated display and freely adjustable steering column. Generous headroom. Lunchbox holder and storage space under the seat.

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