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Topcon Positioning Systems - DS Series Total Stations

The DS series knows no boundaries, with a far reaching 600m communications distance, the highest environmental rating, and a powerful EDM capable of returning measurements to any surface, out to 1000m. Drive the same instrument in remote control robotic mode for all the command you need as a single operator. Then as site conditions dictate, just switch to GNSS positioning with Hybrid Technology from Topcon. The possibilities are endless.

Features & Benefits


Xpointing fast, reliable prism acquisition technology

Optional Technology

Topcon's unique Hybrid Positioning solution combines GNSS, optical, and automated data workflow to offer the ultimate in flexible, non-stop productivity.

Integrated Technology

World’s First TSshield™ Remote Security and Notification System

Water resistance

Rugged Water Resistant IP65 construction


Key Specifications
Display Color Touch TFT 240 x 320 QVGA Display (Dual Display)
Resolving Power 2.5"
Magnification 30x
Min. Res/Accuracy DS-101: 1”, DS-103: 3”, DS-105: 5”
Tile Angle Compensation Range ±6’
Prism EDM Range 6,000 m
Prism EDM Accuracy 1.5 mm + 2 ppm
Measuring Time Fine: 0.9 sec, Rapid: 0.6 sec, Tracking: 0.4 sec

Company Info

7400 National Drive
Livermore, CA
US, 94550


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