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Putzmeister America Inc. - 40Z Concrete Pump Trucks

It's a value-addition to any fleet. The 40Z is a compact and ultra-light offering increased reach for a reduced cost. It weighs under 56,000 pounds (25401 kilograms) on three axles and avoids the added expense of special road permits for larger four-axle vehicles. Yet, the four-section Multi-Z boom provides exceptional vertical reach of 128 feet 3 inches (39.10 meters) with a compact outrigger footprint for tight spaces. Rack and pinion slewing gives you better weight distribution and smooth rotation. An integral component of the EPS module, Ergonic Output Control (EOC) reduces fuel consumption, wear and noise. EOC automatically adjusts the engine speed to the minimum required for the delivery rate specified by the operator; all controlled using the remote control.


Key Specifications
Boom Style Multi-Z
Vertical reach 128' 3" (39.10m)
Horizontal reach 115' 1" (35.10m)
Reach from front of truck 107' 7" (32.80m)
Reach depth 82' 0" (25.00m)
Unfolding height 30' 10" (9.40m)

Company Info

1733 90th Street
Sturtevant, WI
US, 53177


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