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The Surface to Surface FL-243 solidification mixer is designed to efficiently mix drilling and excavation slurry with a minimal amount of a dry product, to create a byproduct that has a low slump discharge. This byproduct can be handled as a semisolid material. Depending on the dry product used, characteristics of the semisolid byproduct may lend to a secondary use or ease of disposal. The FL-243 unit operates on a continuous process, not on a batch-type process, which allows for larger output at days end.


Key Specifications
Machine Weight (Empty) 7300 lbs (3311.2 kg)
Power Source 75 kW (93.8 kVA) Prime [*Combined with FL-243: 100 kW (125 kVA)]
Tank/Hopper capacity 750 gal (2839.1 L)
Powder tote capacity 2000 lbs (907.2 kg)

Company Info

1210 Vermeer Road East
Pella, IA
US, 50219


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