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Continental Tire the Americas, LLC. - Trackman® Rubber Tracks

With Trackman® from Continental, you get more traction for your business. In addition to our expertise in rubber track development, we provide related rubber track components: rubberized drive, idler and roller wheels, as well as elastomeric suspension mounts and other undercarriage elements. We offer a wide range of rubberized track and components for almost every application, as well as custom applications.

In general, flexible rubber tracks are composed of three major components: the carcass, the tread lugs, and the guide and/or drive lugs. The carcass is the heart of the track, and is composed of several different rubber compounds, each of which is designed to perform a particular function (such as to promote adhesion, or to resist wear, cutting, chunking, etc.).

Features & Benefits

Better, smoother ride

Maximize the distribution of load

Minimize the degree of penetration and compaction

Prohibit excessive loading on a single (or a specific group of) roller wheel(s)

Reduce the abusive "loading" caused by the ingestion of debris

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