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American Augers - M-300D Mud Pumps

American Augers recognizes the essential part that drilling fluid plays in successful directional drilling. Our mud equipment is designed for jobs of every size and includes stand-alone mud pumps that can be used to power the biggest mud motor.


Key Specifications
Generator Set Gen-Tech 90kW is standard. Optional Upgrade to a 135kW.
Fuel Capacity 80 U.S. Gallons (302 L)
Centrifugal Pumps 250 series with mechanical seal and 25 hp motors
Derrick ® FLC-504TM Linear Motion Shaker (1) 4 panel with 46.0 ft2 (4.3 m2) non-blank screen area
Total Weight 22,000 lbs. without trailer. (28,600 lbs. with trailer.)

Company Info

135 U.S. Route 42
West Salem, OH
US, 44287


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