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Continental Tire the Americas, LLC. - ContiEarth™ RDT-Master Tires

Rigid dump trucks are built to haul heavy loads over long distances in rough terrain. In these severe applications tires have to offer high stability and good traction even at high speeds. In addition, the tires need to be extremely resistant to cut and tear. The Continental RDT-Master is the perfect fit for transporting extra-heavy loads in these adverse conditions. The special tread design with a deep tread depth and a wide and flat tread radius offers a high loading capacity, excellent cut resistance, and good self-cleaning characteristics. The angled edges and the open shoulder design allow higher lateral stability leading to better driving behavior even in demanding cornering applications. 

Features & Benefits

Maximum traction because of wide tread with flat radius (even footprint pressure)

Open shoulder design to eject mud and other debris for enhanced traction

Deep tread depth for higher carcass protection against cuts and object penetrations


Key Specifications
Dimensions 18.00R33, 21.00R33, 24.00R35
Type TL