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Bandit Industries - Model 60FM Mulchers

Based on the design of Bandit’s extremely popular larger dedicated forestry mowers, the Model 60FM brings the same capability, durability and mowing power to skid-steer attachments. This high-power mowing and mulching head features an overall width of 73 inches and a mowing width of 60 inches, making it maneuverable for selective land clearing in narrow areas. It features a replaceable anvil that regulates the cut, smoothing out the grinding process, and with a vertical reach of over 5 feet, it can topple trees, grinds down the stumps, then mulch the felled tree straight into the soil. It’s well-suited for land and right-of-way clearing projects, municipal clearing, trail maintenance, and it’s especially effective in selective forest thinning operations where the Model 60FM’s small size and big mulching power allow it to clear dense undergrowth without harming larger trees.


Key Specifications
Mulching Head: Overall Width 73"
Mowing Width 60"
Vertical Reach 5 feet

Company Info

6750 Millbrook Road
Remus, MI
US, 49340


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