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Ammann - ARX 16 TIER 4i Tandem Asphalt Rollers

The Ammann ARX 16 Tandem Roller works flush against curbs and other obstructions and does so smoothly thanks to an electric drive-lever.

The machine’s ability to work against objects and the optimum views to the drums it provides the operator eliminates the need for special edge compaction efforts. Double-drive and double-vibration are standard and help deliver optimum compaction results.

Operator benefits include the electric drive-lever, a rubber-mounted platform that limits vibration and an intuitive instrument panel that helps even an inexperienced operator succeed.

The ARX 16 is built with high quality, long-lasting components that reduce the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the machine. It is reliable, economical, safe and fuel efficient.


Key Specifications
Operating weight CECE 1520 kg
Drum width 900 mm
Power output ISO 3046 15,0 kW (20,4 HP)

Company Info

1125 SW 101St Road
Davie, FL
US, 33324


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