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Komatsu America Corp. - GD655-5 Motor Graders

The GD655-5 has a unique dual mode automatic transmission. The operator can operate in direct drive mode for long pushes such as snow removal without ever having to de-clutch like all other graders. In the torque converter mode the operator has excellent low speed maneuverability and hydraulic control again, without having to de-clutch to prevent stalling the machine. Excavator style hydraulics, 900 left or right bank slope, two working modes and variable horsepower give the operator the tools he needs to do any job with precision and power.


Key Specifications
Net flywheel horsepower (P-mode) 180-218 hp, 134-163 kW
Net flywheel horsepower (E-mode) 145-200 hp, 108-149 kW
Max. torque @1450 rpm 694 lb.ft. 941 Nm 96.0 kg•m
Maximum lift above ground (Blade) 1'7" 480 mm
Maximum cutting depth (Blade) 2'0" 615 mm
Operating Weight 35,351 lb/ 16035 kg

Company Info

8770 W Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 100
Chicago, IL
US, 60631


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