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American Augers - DD-220T Horizontal Directional Drills

The DD-220T Mid-Size Directional Drill is ideal for small to mid-size utility construction as well as mid-range pipeline projects. The Wiggle Steer® System provides the operator of a directional drill the means to rotate the drill pipe and subsequently the cutting head on the drill string back and forth over a predetermined range.


Key Specifications
Rating 365 HP (272 kW)
Maximum Thrust/Pullback 220,000 lbs. (100 Tonnes)
Maximum Rotary Torque 30,000 ft-lbs. (40,674 Nm) @ 0 – 50 RPM
Maximum Breakout Torque 60,000 ft-lbs. (81,350 Nm)
Maximum Makeup Torque 25,000 ft-lbs. (33,900 Nm)
Drill Pipe Range II – 34 ft. (10.4 m)

Company Info

135 U.S. Route 42
West Salem, OH
US, 44287


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