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Vogele - SUPER 1800-3i SprayJet Asphalt Pavers

Rehabilitating roads by replacing wearing course is a highly cost-effective and eco-friendly process, very popular in numerous countries. VÖGELE now present a cutting-edge concept, ideal not only for paving thin layers on spray seal or tack coat, hot on hot, but also highly interesting for many non-specialized road building companies. The VÖGELE SprayJet module offers an economical and clean alternative wherever pre-spraying and subsequent paving are required.


Key Specifications
Weight 48,500 Ibs.
Width of Spread 19 ft. 8
Rate of Spread 0.06 - 0.33 lb/ft²
Emulsion Tank 2,100 litres

Company Info

6030 Dana Way
Antioch, TN
US, 37013


Phone number:
(615) 501-0600

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