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Snow and ice control innovations ready for winter work

BOSS Snowplow introduces an arsenal of new products and accessories to help snow and ice professionals perform at their best when Mother Nature is at her worst. With a focus on technologies and innovations that maximize performance of BOSS products, the new Pre-Wet System, Pro-Lid and D-Force are now available as optional equipment to help contractors prepare for the 2017/2018 winter season. Further expanding the lineup, BOSS now offers a line of Walk Behind Spreaders for smaller jobs and new plow options, like the skid-steer SK12 Box Plow and Tractor Plows, for those bigger jobs.

BOSS Snowplow extends its line of ATV and UTV snowplows

BOSS Snowplow continues to expand its versatile snowplow offerings with the addition of the 5'6" XT Vplow for mid-size UTVs and ATVs. Along with the durability, toughness, and reliability you expect from BOSS, the 5'6" XT features exceptional ground clearance for hard-to-reach places and tough terrain. The fully hydraulic system delivers maximum efficiency with no winches, chains or pulleys.

Snow removal volunteers sought for SnowCare for Troops’ third season

As Project EverGreen’s SnowCare for Troops (SCFT) program enters its third season, the U.S. based non-profit organization is recognizing the more than 600 volunteers who support the campaign’s military families year-round by also offering landscaping services through GreenCare for Troops (GCFT). Both programs are managed by Project EverGreen and connect military families who have a spouse or family member currently deployed in the armed forces with snowplow and landscape professionals.  SnowCare for Troops is a national program underwritten by THE BOSS Snowplow.  

Power-V XT Plow launched and Box plow added to lineup

New for 4X4, 1/2 to 1 ton trucks and SUVs, THE BOSS Snowplow has introduced a 7’6” Power-V XT Plow featuring a high performance cutting edge, built-in curb guards and snow catcher.

New UTV plows from THE BOSS Snowplow

THE BOSS UTV plows are available in two models, the 6’6” Power-V XT and the 6’ Poly Straight-Blade Snowplow, and feature many of THE BOSS’ Smart Technology systems for improved plow durability and performance. A High-Performance, Fully-Hydraulic System offers the highest blade lift height available for unmatched snow stacking capability.    

Handle sand and other materials

The TGS 800 Tailgate Sand Spreader features an 800-pound (8-cubic-foot) capacity and is engineered to handle sand as well as most types of de-icing materials. The TGS 800 is easy to attach. Standard features include a low-profile poly hopper and solid poly hopper cover, and a variable speed control with blast feature and overload protection. The spreader offers an adjustable poly material deflector, a top screen with bag splitter, a 12-inch poly spinner, and a swing-away spinner assembly. The TGS 800 Sand Spreader features a unique Feed Paddle Mechanism powered by its own 12-volt DC high-torque motor, while the spinner is powered by a separate 12-volt DC high-torque electric motor.

Multiposition snowplow

The Poly Power-V XT is a multiposition snowplow with a 37-inch flared blade wing. Available in two models (the eight-foot two-inch XT and the nine-foot two-inch XT), the Poly Power-V XT Plow features a super-slick poly surface that lets snow easily slide off the blade, which saves on fuel costs and minimizes wear and tear on a vehicle’s drivetrain. Using flared blade wings with an enhanced curl, this snowplow is designed to throw snow extremely high and far. Plus, a Power-V XT plow wing kit is available for increasing width of the blade by a full 22 inches at a 30 percent angle.

Plow wings increase width by 22 inches

These rugged BOSS Snowplow Plow Wings are ideal for use anywhere users need to move large amounts of snow in a short amount of time. They increase the width of a snowplow blade by a full 22 inches, providing a much larger blade for windrowing, while at the same time minimizing snow spill off. Plow Wings can help users finish jobs faster and easier, and for transport from work site to work site, units attach and detach in seconds. The BOSS Plow Wing kit will fit most BOSS multiposition and Straight-Blade snowplows.

Formed cutting edge makes plow more effective

Wearing twice as long as conventional cutting edges, The Boss’ High-Performance cutting edge (patent pending) is made from a revolutionary material that sets a new standard for durability in the snowplow industry. This year, the new cutting edge will be standard on all The Boss Power-V plows. For added features, this new cutting edge comes complete with built-in curb guards and a snow catcher.

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