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Power Pusher Canada

Address CA
Phone 800-461-6734
Email [email protected]
Website powerpusher.com

Power Pusher Canada gives one person the power to push or pull heavy rolling loads ranging from 500 lbs to 150,000 lbs or more.
In the past 25 years, companies in virtually every sector have used our products including vehicle assembly, public transit, heavy equipment manufacturing, facility management and the list continues to grow.

With our line of self-propelled, battery-operated machines, we help companies to improve efficiency and prevent injuries. Our equipment is designed specifically to push or pull most heavy loads – even over long distances and in confined spaces. We can show you the better way to push or pull parts, sub-assemblies or fully assembled units. A free 2-week trial is available.


Power Pusher: Ideal for moving light vehicles, bins, paper rolls

Super Pusher: Ideal for moving large vehicles, railroad cars, prefab homes

Power Tug: Ideal for moving carts and vessels with swiveling or fixed casters

M.F.C. Cart: Ideal for moving small trailers, barrels, tanks, trailers, vehicles, machinery

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Heavy, big or awkward loads all present the same kind of challenge as you try to move them around. How do you do the job safely, economically and efficiently?Now, Power Pusher Canada has the solution with Super Pusher. It has a push capacity of up to 150,000 pounds (68,000 kg) and pulls heavy loads too.