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Husqvarna Construction Products

Address 17400 West 119th Street, Olathe, KS, 66061, US
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The future of compaction

Properly done, soil compaction adds many years to the useful life of structures by increasing the foundation's strength. To compact soil in confined areas, vibratory rammers and plates are typically used. Traditionally, these machines have been powered by gasoline and diesel engines; however, due to increasingly strict environmental regulations, rammer manufacturers have been required to engineer new solutions in order to comply to the Environmental Protection Agency's standards. Wacker Neuson redesigned its own two-cycle rammer engine in order to exceed all EPA emissions regulations, but the company didn't stop there

Husqvarna seeking students to spend summer chilling with Automower in Ontario park

Husqvarna is running a Smartest Summer Job campaign. To showcase how easy it is to get a perfectly mowed lawn with Husqvarna's Automower robotic lawn mower, Husqvarna will select two summer students to serve as Managers of Chilling, a role in which they sit in a Muskoka chair at Trillium Park at Ontario Place and watch the robotic mower do all the work. As brand representatives, they will engage with passersby and on social media to share the key benefits of Automower, such as a better lawn and more free time.

Husqvarna's new K 535i power cutter offers easy starts and battery-powered flexibility

The latest addition to Husqvarna's battery-powered range, the Husqvarna K 535i battery power cutter, builds on its fuel- and electric-powered equivalents, while adding benefits such as low vibrations, low weight and user-friendly ergonomics to the mix. It's almost maintenance free and offers a low cost of ownership. And on top of that, it can easily be used for wet cutting.

Husqvarna Group’s Construction Division has signed an agreement to acquire the Light Compaction & Concrete Equipment business from Atlas Copco.

"Atlas Copco's Light Compaction & Concrete Equipment business fits well into Husqvarna Construction's strategy for expanding deeper into the market segment of Concrete Surfaces and Floors" says Kai Wärn, President and CEO of Husqvarna Group. "This step will further reinforce our leadership position in this segment and complement the recent acquisitions. Strategically, the build-up of this area also supports our overall ambition of growing the Construction Division's share in the Husqvarna Group."

Vac attachment collects dust from masonry saw

Masonry contractors know how much dust flies when dry cutting bricks and blocks. That is why Husqvarna has developed a new dry cutting vac attachment for its popular masonry saw, the MS 360 (available in both gas and electric versions). Contractors can now make dry cuts cleanly with the new MS 360  Vac Attachment.

Drum cutter attachment for demolition robot line

Husqvarna introduces the DC 200 drum cutter, a new attachment for the DXR demolition robot product line. The DC 200 is a versatile attachment made for surface profiling rock or concrete, trenching, excavating frozen soil, soft rock excavation in quarries, demolition and dredging. The 56 tungsten carbide-tipped picks on each side of the machine rotate and chip away at the surface material to the desired depth or complete removal. If the material is not completely removed, a smoother, more uniform surface results as well as smaller, finer grain sizes so material can be removed more easily or used as back fill without additional crushing. The DC 200 is suitable for use on restricted jobsites and sensitive urban areas due to the low noise and low vibration levels.

New Husqvarna PP 490 is all you need in one compact power pack

The PP 490 power pack is all an operator needs to run Husqvarna high-frequency equipment. It is designed to power almost all of the Husqvarna PRIME high frequency product range as well as the Husqvarna WS 482 HF wall saw, including when the wall saw is used with the CS 10 wire saw. Operators can accomplish more work with fewer pieces of equipment.

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Husqvarna VARI-CUT Blades Cut Variety of Material Including Steel Rebar, Bricks, Concrete

Vari-Cut from Husqvarna is a cost efficient premium diamond blade designed to cut almost anything a contractor comes across on a workday. It is a versatile, fast and durable diamond blade that cuts steel rebar as easily as bricks, blocks and concrete slabs. It combines a wide application window with fast cutting speed and good life. One of the greatest benefits of Vari-Cut is how it cuts in all types of construction materials: no need to switch blades, which saves time and money.

Increased Productivity with the New Husqvarna PG 820 RC

Husqvarna has launched a new remote-controlled floor grinder. The PG 820 RC offers very high productivity, powerful performance, and outstanding ergonomics. It is easy to transport to and from the job site thanks to its long battery life.

The New Husqvarna K 970 – Power Cutter

Husqvarna continues its long tradition of providing users with powerful and reliable power cutters with the improved K 970. The machine has a further enhanced power-to-weight ratio and offers optimized performance combined with a low weight and superior ergonomics. “The K 970 is already an appreciated product, and the new K 970 is improved in a number of details in order to meet our customers’ high demands,” says Johan Simonsson, Global Product Manager - Power Cutters.