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Address Baltimore, MD, 21219, US
Phone 800-670-4103
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Founded in 2011, JekkoUSA is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Italian-made Jekko minicranes, compact crawler and pick-and-carry cranes designed to offer maximum lifting capabilities, precision control and safety in limited or confined work areas.

Jekko minicranes are equipped with outriggers and are ideal for operating in interior project spaces. These versatile machines have lifting capacities ranging from 1.2 to 8 tons.

Jekkos are designed to get into the limited working spaces and still be able to setup to complete very precise and challenging lifts. Jekko minicranes can drive through a standard door, fit into confined spaces, and can be deployed in minutes. Their compact footprint allows operators to get closer to the load object which increases the safety factor. Available in electric or gas-powered configurations, these machines are perfect for indoor/outdoor plant and industrial use, bridges, tunnels, mines, glass installation, steel erection and much more.

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