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AirFlow Truck Company, LLC

Address Newington, CT, US
Website airflowtruck.com

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Shell, AirFlow Truck Company show results from cross-country test run

After traveling more than 2,300 miles across the southern United States and with a tropical storm looming in the Gulf of Mexico, Shell Lubricants and AirFlow Truck Company completed the cross-country test drive of the Starship Initiative truck on May 24, 2018. This journey marks the first time that a prototype Class 8 vehicle of this type with these combined technologies has driven coast-to-coast across America in real-world trucking operations and in real-world conditions including unplanned stops and torrential rains along the way. 

Shell, AirFlow Truck design Class 8 energy-efficient truck

Shell and AirFlow Truck Company have designed and built a hyper-fuel-efficient Class 8 truck capable of reducing the energy usage associated with the transportation of goods. This next-generation concept truck, called the Starship Project, uses technologies that are currently available today to minimize the amount of energy it takes to transport a load of cargo from one point to another.