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​Doppstadt Group sets the course for further strategic worldwide growth

Werner Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG (WDU) has implemented a new management structure, bringing the comprehensive restructuring process within the Group to a close. Over the summer, Doppstadt has "set sail for the future" by adjusting its organizational structures and portfolio to the global demands in the recycling markets. The result is a worldwide network of sales and service partners, competence centers for securing innovation and a managing board with the ability to act quickly and efficiently.

Doppstadt to showcase the "INVENTHOR Type 9" shredder at IFAT

Doppstadt's INVENTHOR Type 9 shredder, from the SMART SHREDDING LINE, is a new high-performance machine that is setting new market benchmarks when it comes to quality and performance. By bringing together the most innovative mechanical developments, innovative control and regulation systems, and a brand new noise emissions concept, Doppstadt has created an environmentally friendly cost-effective one-stop solution for the recycling sector. Thanks to its modular service-oriented construction and range of suspension variants, this machine is equally suited to use as a stationary fixture or in the service industry sector.

More power, longer service life and a magnet that attracts everything to it: Doppstadt improves the DZ 750 universal shredder

Doppstadt is now offering its DZ 750 Combi universal shredder with even more powerful components. This combination shredder is designed to handle even the most demanding applications, and now not only has a new, efficient drive unit, but also an even higher metal separation rate and an intelligent hydraulic control system. Its new Volvo  Penta engine provides around 700 HP for pre-shredding and supplementary shredding tasks. This machine really comes into its own when shredding heavily contaminated material. The slow-running pre-shredding process efficiently breaks down the material so that the new main magnet can easily separate out any large iron parts. The fast-running supplementary shredding process then produces a marketable end product. Thanks to its 1,000 litre diesel tank, this machine can even cope with long days of continuous operation.

New mobile shredder solutions coming in October

At the start of October, the environmental technology company Doppstadt will be launching its new mobile shredder solutions — the AK 560 and AK 635 EcoPower shredders, with the latest technical updates and a new rear conveyor option. Doppstadt's AK 635 comes with an eight-meter rear conveyor as standard, and the AK 560 can be fitted with a six-meter rear conveyor. 

Doppstadt to show new "Taifun" mobile wind sifter, capable of producing up to four fractions at once

With their new Taifun wind sifter, Doppstadt combines two state-of-the art recycling solutions. The tracked vehicle is equipped with a heavy-duty crawler track chassis, which can move it to almost all places of operation. As soon as it is installed, the wind sifter is convincing due to its extremely high separating performance: the Taifun separates the input material into up to four fractions, for example compost is divided into wood, grass, herb and soil. 

Rewriting the book on C&D

By the time Costello Dismantling was finished with its demolition of the 800,000 square-foot Quaker Fabrics textile mill in Fall River, Massachusetts, its expert crew had salvaged a treasure trove of southern yellow pine timber, massive granite blocks, concrete, bricks and metal. Of the project’s 100,000 tons of mixed “waste” material produced, less than 2,000 tons were sent for disposal. The rest was recycled, reused, or applied on-site to offset fill costs.   

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