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Address 35 Clairville Dr., Etobicoke, M9W 5Z7
Website hertzequip.com
For over 40 years, Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation’s commitment to providing the highest quality products and excellent service has built lasting relationships throughout the industrial and construction industries.

Locations and Service.  With over 280 locations in the United States and Canada, we stock everything from small tools and contractor supplies to heavy earthmoving equipment for construction, industrial, and government applications.  Our locations are networked, allowing customers to receive established terms, which would be recognized at all locations.  The equipment selection is from major manufacturers and our commitment to safety is as important as the equipment we rent.
Specialty Groups. Hertz Equipment realizes that not every customer is the same.  For that reason we have created specialty groups to better assist you with your particular project.  Service Pump & Compressor, our specialty pump and compressor division offers customized solutions from sewer bypass to environmental cleanups.  Hertz Aerial Services can assist you with a variety of aerial needs from small personnel lifts to large telescopic boom lifts. Our Generator carries large capacity and specialty units to meet the power demands of our varied customers.  The Hertz Equipment Trench Shoring group specializes in the products and training to help ensure the safety our your workers.
Customized Rental Programs. Our National Account and Government Services programs are designed to provide customers with a rental program based on their specific rental needs.  This along with our Plant Services group, which provides services such as turnaround tool trailers to on-site rental facilities, is a main reason why Hertz Equipment is one of the top rental companies in North America.
Not Just Heavy Equipment.  With the Hertz General Rental program, we now offer small to medium sized equipment, tools and supplies.  This gives our customer the ability to obtain all the equipment they need at one location.

Ready to Help. Our knowledgeable staff can arrange daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rentals, discuss used equipment for sale and provide safety training. For more information visit us on-line at www.hertzequip.com or call us at (888) 777-2700.

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