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Perry, OK
US, 73077

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Underground Construction

New HDD tracking technology reduces risk

While new technologies have continuously improved utility locating and HDD guidance, the tracking process on HDD bores has remained relatively unchanged since the introduction of horizontal directional drilling. Subsite Electronics, a Charles Machine Works Company and leader in HDD Guidance System solutions, plans to change that. New technologies from the company have made possible an HDD process they are calling Green Ops that will reduce risk and improve efficiency and profitability on HDD bores.

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Industry News

Subsite Electronics supports AEM utility awareness campaign

Subsite Electronics stresses the importance of Underground Awareness in all underground construction jobs.

Subsite Electronics is helping put a focus on safety in underground utility jobsites with its support for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ (AEM) Utility Awareness Campaign. The AEM campaign aims to promote safety best practices and debunk common myths associated with underground utility installations.

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