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Curry Supply Company

Address 1624 Curryville Road, Martinsburg, PA, 16662, US
Phone 800-345-2829
Fax 814-793-4877
Email [email protected]
Website currysupply.com
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Company Description:

Curry Supply Company is a family-owned business that was established in 1932. Over the past 80 years, Curry Supply has grown into one of America's largest manufacturers and dealers of commercial service vehicles including on-and off road water trucks, mechanics trucks, on-and off-road fuel/lube trucks, vacuum trucks, winch trucks, dump trucks, and lube skids. Curry Supply delivers internationally.

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New design for line of water trucks

Curry Supply’s line of Water Trucks have recently undergone a series of updates as a result of continuous improvement and FEA testing. These changes in design are based on a platform of constantly exceeding customer’s expectations and delivering premium products at competitive prices. Curry Supply is committed to provide the best in class durability and design for customers. Significant improvements have been made to the Water Trucks and also Curry Supply’s Water Truck Tank Kits. Water Truck Tank Kits have been enhanced for easier and streamlined installation on job sites.

Curry Supply introduces crash attenuator truck

Curry Supply Company has begun producing a truck-mounted crash attenuator truck. The newest addition to the Curry Supply product line has been designed primarily to protect the lives of motorists and jobsite workers. It also reduces the damage caused to structures and vehicles resulting from a motor vehicle collision at jobsites and in high traffic areas.