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Truck Weight Inc.

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Wireless scale for trucks and tractor trailers with air-ride or mechanical suspensions

TruckWeight’s next-generation Smart Scale system is now available for trucks and tractor-trailer combinations with air-ride or mechanical suspensions. The Smart Scale system features a wireless handheld receiver to allow drivers to maximize payloads, and avoid overweight tickets, in field loading applications such as demolition, aggregate hauling, logging and bulk hauling. 

Managing axle-weight data

TruckWeight FleetLink is a telematics device that gives fleet managers the ability to electronically capture and communicate axle-weight data generated by the company’s Smart Scale wireless scale for commercial vehicles. It can also be connected to an in-cab printer to produce receipts and other documents on-site.

Low-cost, wireless truck scale

Designed for trucks, tractors, and trailers with air suspensions, Smart Scale produces fast, precise weight measurements that are accurate to within 0.3 percent of the actual gross vehicle weight. It uses low-powered radio signals to transmit that information to a handheld reader up to 500 feet away. “Accuracy equates to an improved bottom line and compliance with laws designed to protect roads and bridges,” said Peter Panagapko, president of TruckWeight. “Smart Scale gives truck operators the ability to monitor their payload, making it even easier to be productive and profitable.”The wireless feature means drivers can take a measurement in the truck cab, the loading area, or wherever it’s safe and convenient. It also eliminates the expense and downtime associated with a complicated hardwired scale installation. “It’s an affordable, convenient way to put accurate weight measurements in the palm of your hand,” said Panagapko.