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Hatz Diesel

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Diesel trends: performance in smaller packages

Implementation of European Stage V emissions regulations this year has been a driver of much work in the diesel engine sector, as most major manufacturers have taken the opportunity to improve their existing models while ensuring the meet the reduced emissions levels. In the process, some have launched new engines of various sizes or updated existing equipment.

Engine report: Diesel power driving innovation forward

With Tier 4 Final emissions standards firmly in place and EU Stage V standards a year or so off, the diesel engine industry has been busy focusing on specific applications and looking toward the future for 2018. Heavy Equipment Guide provides a look at what the diesel engine industry is working on, introducing or focused toward to start 2018.

Hatz Diesel presents an industrial four-cylinder with sound insulation

Hatz has released a four-cylinder diesel engine from its H-series with the newly developed Silent Pack. The state of the art Hatz 4H50TIC diesel unit performs up to 55 kilowatts at a maximum torque of 240 newton meters and complies with all current norms and requirements, such as EU Stage IIIB or US EPA Tier 4 final. In connection with the insulation, specially developed for this engine, the Hatz 4H50TIC Silent Pack reaches a reduction of the noise emission by 4 decibel despite the cooler fan. Therefore the engine is 60 per cent less noisy compared to the non-capsulated Open Power Unit (OPU).

Hatz 4H50TIC available as ready-to- install

The new water cooled Hatz 4H50TIC is available as a ready-to-install Open Power Unit (OPU). The complete system includes the engine and all necessary parts for cooling. From customer side only instrument box, fuel lines and battery need to be provided.

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