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Eye Trax

Address 4200 Performance Rd., Charlotte, NC, 28214, US
Phone 800-594-4157
Website eyetrax.net
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New solar-powered, wireless, motion-activated camera systems from Eye Trax

Eye Trax, a global manufacturer of wireless camera systems, adds two new camera systems to its product lineup – the Mega and the Predator series. The Eye Trax Mega series cameras are designed for security applications that require exceptional high-resolution images, up to 12MB (4,000 x 3,000 pixels), of recorded events. The Eye Trax Predator series fills a void in the market for reasonably priced camera systems offering both video and still image capabilities to capture events. Eye Trax Mega and Predator camera systems use available wireless and cellular networks to transmit information, eliminating the need for the infrastructure of a computer, phone line, internet connection, router and power which is required for the “traditional wireless cameras.” Additional features like solar power generation make Eye Trax camera systems truly an “off-grid” and reliable solution for customers looking for remote security and site surveillance anywhere in the world.

Monitor Jobsites from Anywhere with Mobile Application

Eye Trax jobsite security cameras can be monitored and programmed through Eye Trax’s exclusive User Interactive Mobile Application. Eye Trax security cameras users can log into a mobile-friendly website via any smartphone or tablet. From there, users have access to all of the cameras in their network, where “live” images can be viewed from an individual camera, time-lapse videos can be created, photos and videos can be shared on social media platforms, and adjustments can be made to camera settings. Eye Trax User Interactive Mobile Application provides flexibility for business owners and site managers to monitor jobsites anywhere, at any time, and eliminates the need of a computer to interact with security cameras.

The Eye Trax Product Barrel Mounting Pole System Offers Flexibility in Remote Jobsite Surveillance

The Eye Trax patent-pending Barrel Mounting Pole System for the company’s Ranger Series Construction Cameras eliminates the need of installing a pole in the ground for purposes of mounting a jobsite surveillance system. Eye Trax has designed this new system for quick installation and removal without the need of digging a hole or hiring a third party for pole installation and removal. This system gives contractors options to properly secure their jobsites and stop the construction site theft.

Eye Trax Remote Security Monitoring System

The Eye Trax’s remote-monitoring security cameras incorporate solar technology with cellular communication, enabling customers to monitor remote construction sites or equipment yards anywhere cellular service is available without the costly expense of trying to provide power and an internet connection to those areas.