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Neal Manufacturing

Address 2000 Cobb Ave., Anniston, AL, 36202, US
Tel 770-830-1282
Fax 256-236-9824
Website nealequip.com
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Neal Manufacturing's High-Volume Road Maintenance Vehicle boasts efficient, clog-free movement of material

Neal Manufacturing, a division of Blastcrete Equipment LLC and a manufacturer of asphalt pavement preservation equipment, offers its High-Volume Road Maintenance Vehicle for maximum efficiency and high-quality results on large road projects. With innovative features and in-cab controls for key variables, the High-Volume Road Maintenance Vehicle allows for fast, precise sealcoat application, even with larger aggregate mixes.

Asphalt road preservation package from Neal Manufacturing offers efficiency and quality results

Neal Manufacturing, a Division of Blastcrete Equipment LLC, and a leader in asphalt pavement preservation equipment, offers its Asphalt Road Preservation Package for optimal efficiency and high-quality results on both detail and high-volume sealcoating applications. The package includes Neal Manufacturing's drivable DA 350 dual applicator for quick prep work and sealcoating around curbs and gutters, and its High-Volume Road Maintenance Vehicle that delivers high material output for efficiency on large projects. 

Updated sealcoating pumps for asphalt trucks

Neal Manufacturing, a division of Blastcrete Equipment Company, has launched its new Generation IV pumps. The pumps offer improved durability as well as enhanced spraybars and require less frequent routine maintenance than their predecessor, resulting in greater uptime and productivity. Road pavement maintenance contractors also save money since they can retrofit their existing asphalt trucks with the new Neal pumps Gen IV rather than purchase a new truck.

Skid-Mounted Sealcoating Machine

The 1,500-gallon capacity of the ESSP 1500S skid-mounted sealcoating machine reduces the time associated with refilling the tank on large projects and the number of trips a contractor needs to make to the sealer manufacturer or distributor. In addition, the unit’s electric super sand pump (ESSP) system features a variable speed control and produces as much as 100 gpm, the fastest transfer rate among piston pumps on the market. With this system, operators can cover areas up to 40 percent faster than diaphragm pumps.

Neal Manufacturing Storage Tanks Feature Quality Components, Impressive Agitation

Neal Manufacturing, a division of Blastcrete Equipment Company, offers long-term storage solutions for coal tar and asphalt emulsions with its skid-mounted Sealer Mixer Tanks, its storage tanks with high-quality components and heavy-gauge materials for impressive durability, reliable agitation and exceptional material transfer. In addition, they allow contractors to save money by purchasing material in bulk and they can store it safely at their sites for quick and easy access.

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