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Brigade Electronics Inc.

Address 202 Delaware Ave Suite 1, Palmerton, PA, 18071, US
Phone 1-888-727-4423
Fax 1-484-229-0088
Website brigade-inc.com
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Why fitting radar safety systems to heavy vehicles prevents a major cause of road accidents

Poor weather increases risk and affects the safety of site workers. Whether maneuvering mining equipment, or using a construction machine on site, one thing's for certain – safety devices have to be effective. Working at night and battling poor visibility caused by rain, snow and ice are everyday hazards for tens of thousands of mining and construction drivers across Canada. 

Backsense radar from Brigade protects workers

One of the most common causes of injury and death for site workers is being struck by plant machinery. In fact, site workers are two times more likely to be injured at work compared to those in other occupations. Research carried out in Europe has also found that the construction, transportation, manufacturing and agricultural trades recorded more workplace deaths in 2017 than all other industries combined. 

​Industry study points to broadband as top reversing safety solution

A new study on industrial accident prevention has shown that broadband sound reversing alarms for commerical vehicles, are nearly twice as effective than their tonal equivalents; making broadband sound the most effective audible reversing safety solution for a variety of industries.

Infrared cameras improve vision and safety

For many years, Brigade Electronics has been introducing vehicle reversing alarms and sensors, in-cab CCTV for all-round visibility, and now, the latest in their stable of advanced technology, the night-piercing FLIR.

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Backup camera system

Brigade Electronics has developed a range of reversing safety products.The company’s BACKEYE rear-view CCTV systems are proving to be popular and adding to safety. The product cata-logue includes an array of rear-view cameras, monitors and control units. There are currently seven BACKEYE monitors available, and four different cameras. BACKEYE cameras and monitors can be mounted inside or out.

Cure for back-up blues

Construction and mining work, in close proximity to established communities, brings its fair share of headaches – paperwork, compliance and plant noise. Although the inconvenience of bureaucracy is accepted for the sake of the greater good, factors like noise pollution are not. Development and planning committees are becoming increasingly stringent with such issues.

Rear-view camera improves safety around vehicles

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 27 percent of all vehicle accidents occur in reverse. Each year there are over 300,000 reversing accidents in the U.S. alone. In efforts to reduce the risks posed, UK manufacturer, Brigade Electronics has developed a range of reversing safety products. The company’s Backeye rear-view CCTV systems are proving to be some of the most popular on the market.