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Trail King Industries, Inc.

Address 300 East Norway Avenue, Mitchell, SD, 57301, US
Phone 800-843-3324
Fax 605-996-4727
Email [email protected]
Website trailking.com

Trail King Industries, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of open deck and materials hauling trailers for the construction, commercial hauling, agriculture, and specialized transport industries. With manufacturing facilities in Mitchell, SD and West Fargo, ND, Trail King manufactures over thirty different types of trailers, with load capacities ranging from 6,000 lbs. to 1,000,000 lbs, including:

  • tags, tilts, utility, and rollback trailers
  • hydraulic detachable gooseneck, hydraulic tail, and sliding axle trailers
  • bottom dump and side dump trailers
  • live bottom trailers for the construction and agriculture industries
  • pneumatic dry bulk trailers
  • multi-axle trailers for the specialized hauling industry  

Trail King is supported by a network of almost 400 dealers across the U.S. and Canada, in addition to marketing and selling to customers in South America, Europe, Asia, and other places around the globe.

Trail King Advantage Plus! Hydraulic Detachable – North America’s #1 selling detachable lowboy trailer

Trail King Advantage Series Live Bottom trailer – Lightweight, aerodynamic, and able to haul up to 2,000 lbs. more payload than competitive models

Trail King Aluminum Super Hi-Lite Rolled Side Ag Trailer with Continuous Belt – Fast, clean, horizontal discharge of payload in one revolution or less

Trail King TK50 Tag trailer – Trail King offers a full line of rugged Tag, Tilt, and Utility trailers

Trail King TK500 Suspension Beam trailer – Trail King is the leading manufacturer of trailers for the specialized transport industry

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Trail King to showcase improved Paver Special at World of Asphalt show

Trail King has announced the release of it's new and improved Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Paver Special within its Advantage Plus Construction line. The trailer has a load capacity of 55 tons distributed or 51 tons in 16 feet. The Paver Special offers a tapered deck with 42 inch spring assist front ramps and an 11 degree load angle. The 18 degree extended transition area slope offers easy loading of equipment such as asphalt pavers and rollers. The standard boom trough has an optional removable insert for hauling versatility. 

World of Asphalt and AGG1 2018 Show Preview Part 4

World of Asphalt will be held in Houston, Texas, from March 6 to 8 and features educational programming and exhibits focusing on the latest technology and innovations for the asphalt industry. The Agg1 Aggregates Academy & Expo, co-located with World of Asphalt, offers educational sessions and exhibits on the latest developments for the aggregates industry. The following are highlights of products that attendees can expect to see at the shows.

Trail King adds 12 new dealers including locations in Calgary, Winnipeg and Quebec

Trail King Industries is expanding its worldwide dealer network. The company recently added twelve new dealers to its network including three in Canada.

  • Competition Trailer Sales Inc. – Calgary, Alberta
  • CanadaTransit Quebec – Quebec, Canada
  • Querel Trailers – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Young Truck Trailer – Nebraska
  • Lucky's Trailer Sales, Inc – North Carolina
  • Arrow Trailer and Equipment Company – Illinois
  • Pee Dee Trailer Sales – South Carolina
  • Preferred Lowboys, Dallas – Texas
  • TNT – Missouri
  • 5 Star – New England
  • Penn Jersey – Pennsylvania
  • Blanchard – South Carolina & Georgia

Trail King Introduces Steel End Dump into Materials Hauling Series

Trail King’s steel end dump, the TKSHR32, is being re-introduced back into their product offerings. The new TKSHR32, designed to haul sand, gravel, demolition or rip rap features abrasion resistant steel, inverted angle designed top rail, and a high lift tailgate. Improved stability and a maximized footprint are achieved with a lower centre of gravity. The ability to haul increased payload is a result of the 24-inch flat floor structural design. The TKSHR32’s design is not only suited for a wide range of cargo applications, but for each scenario it allows ease of operation, and superior loading and unloading through the dump cycle.

Trail King Advantage Plus sliding-axle trailers can even load disabled equipment with ease

The Advantage Plus TK80SA and TK110SA hydraulic sliding-axle trailers from Trail King have carrying capacities of 80,000 pounds and 100,000 pounds respectively. The 20,000-pound winch, which comes with winch guard, can load disabled equipment with ease. A recessed roller at the front of the deck and a skid plate on the slope of the upper deck protect both the winch cable and the deck during loading and unloading, while the perimeter frame delivers maximum strength and stability. The design also includes an undercarriage to protect air lines when the trailer is in the transport position.

Steel side-dump trailer

Trail King’s steel side-dump trailer has an abrasion-resistant tub constructed of two rolled pieces of Hardox 450. The round bottom delivers fast, clean dumping of the load away from the trailer, with no “carry back.” The fewer weld seams associated with this design minimize the likelihood of cracking. Best of all, this tub design results in weight savings of several hundred pounds.

Trail King’s new Modular Hydraulic Transport System

Trail King’s new Modular Hydraulic Transport System (MHTS) has a 375,000-pound load capacity. The company reports that the system offers many features not found on models offered by other manufacturers. For example, the air system – which includes drain fittings on each tank and an air dryer – has air tanks that are easily accessible for maintenance, or removal and replacement.
Also, the steering arms of the MHTS are positioned over “dished” cross members so that they are more easily accessible for repositioning or replacement. Plus, to prevent build-up of dirt and grime that can interfere with steering arm performance or make repositioning more difficult, the steering arm mounting bosses are raised, not recessed.

Hydraulic detachables are easy to load

Trail King states that even low-profile, tough-to-load equipment will “load like a dream and fit like a glove” on their Advantage Series Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG) trailers, which are available in 35-, 40-, and 55-ton capacities.

Live bottom trailer

The Advantage Series Live Bottom asphalt trailer delivers over 2,000 pounds more payload than previous models. They offer live-bottom horizontal discharge with a new lightweight, modular, strong design.

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