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Hemisphere GNSS

Address 8515 E. Anderson Drive, Scottsdale, AZ, 85255, US
Website hemispheregnss.com
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Hemisphere GNSS shows flexible and scalable GradeMetrix machine control toolkit for OEMs at Intermat

At IntermatHemisphere GNSS has introduced significant achievements of its GradeMetrix OEM toolkit for high-precision GNSS-based machine control and guidance applications and systems. Hemisphere has expanded its portfolio of hardware offerings, including the recently announced A222 Scalable GNSS Smart Antenna, and made significant strides forward with its next-generation GradeMetrix OEM application software platform. Whether it is grading, mining, excavating, piling and drilling, or compaction applications, heavy equipment manufacturers can rebrand the solution and drive feature requirements to sell as their own.

Site management software offers all-in-one opportunities

Hemisphere GNSS, Inc. has debuted the C321 GNSS Smart Antenna and SiteMetrix Site Management Software. When paired with SiteMetrix, the next-generation multi-frequency, multi-GNSS C321 antenna can be used as an all-in-one construction base and rover site controller. Designed specifically for harsh construction environments, C321 adds another system component and empowers heavy equipment manufacturers to deliver their own machine control and guidance solutions to their customers.

Hemisphere GPS Launches New Earthworks Excavator Grade Control System

Calgary, Alberta-based Hemisphere GPS has released their new Earthworks excavator grade control system for small to medium-sized contractors. The simple and affordable Earthworks X100 displays bucket position relative to desired grade. This instant feedback improves the operator’s accuracy and efficiency when digging foundations, trenching, cutting a slope and in many other excavation applications.

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