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Ray-Tech Infrared Corporation


Address 198 Springfield Road, Charlestown, 03603, US
Phone 1-800-884-2072
Fax 1-603-826-3447
Email [email protected]
Website raytechinfrared.com

Ray-Tech Infrared Corporation manufactures infrared asphalt repair and maintenance equipment that can be used on virtually any asphalt surface in all types of weather.

Using our patented infrared heating technology, we have designed our equipment to allow for not only cost effective but also \'Green\' repairs that will provide a permanent repair to any job given that it has a good base. Through the use of propane and infrared rays our machines have absolutely zero emissions.

As for the recycling capabilities, most of the models of our equipment feature \"hotboxes\" which are steel boxes fitted with infrared burners to heat and keep asphalt warm. This lets users take any leftover asphalt, used asphalt or new asphalt and put it right back into the project they are working on. We have the largest selection of infrared equipment in the industry as well as the fastest asphalt reclaimers and pavement heaters, capable of heating at well below zero degrees Fahrenheit. We have constantly focused on both quality and service which has resulted in a reputation that is highly recognized throughout the industry. We are always improving existing equipment as well as developing new equipment such as large equipment for drying asphalt and joint heaters for highway paving.

Our many years of developing and using this equipment has enabled us to not only assist our customers in all their infrared needs, but also to offer guidance in establishing infrared maintenance divisions throughout many organizations both in the governmental and private sectors as well as worldwide. We know of no other manufacturer who can match our performance.

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