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Infrared heating system heats longitudinal joints

The cold joint has been consistently the weakest and most troublesome part of pavement. Combined with the poorly compacted joint area of the previously laid pass, it is predisposed to failure. The Ray-Tech Joint Heating System is capable of counteracting this problem. This infrared heating system heats longitudinal joints – without burning or damaging the asphalt – immediately before the adjoining asphalt is laid, in order to achieve adequate bonding and compaction along the joint. The system is designed to be fully automatic, with the automatic controls turning the units on or off as needed. The system is nominally composed of up to five Pre-Heaters and/ or three Reflector units, and one Paver-Mounted heater. The number of Pre-Heaters/Reflectors are determined by the paving conditions. The Pre-Heaters/ Reflectors are towed ahead of the paver, while the Paver-Mounted Heater is attached to the paver. Tracking of the Pre- Heaters/ Reflector units are by a Center Wheel Steer Tracking System.

The infrared effect is created by premixed gas and air delivered under pressure to a series of energy converters. Infrared does not flame or negatively alter the binding characteristics of asphalt. Each Heater Unit contains a 15- by 144-inch heating chamber which is designed to be operated in a horizontal position, and which will have a maximum consumption of 20 pounds of propane per hour for each heater. An infrared optical sensor ensures accurate temperature control with a minimum of maintenance. On both paver mounted heater and pre-heaters, the automatic setting keeps the heater on as long as the temperature of the asphalt is less than the predetermined sensor setting.

The thirty-six inch energy converters are constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel for long production life. The nickel alloy grids that produce the infrared rays are located in the centre of the converters. These rays are directed to the pavement through the use of stainless steel reflectors. The pre-heaters are powered by a 115-Volt AC, propane-powered generator. Generators are not included with the paver-mounted heater, which takes power off the paver.

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