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Blastcrete Equipment Company

Address 2000 Cobb Avenue, Anniston, AL, 36201, US
Website blastcrete.com
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Neal Manufacturing's High-Volume Road Maintenance Vehicle boasts efficient, clog-free movement of material

Neal Manufacturing, a division of Blastcrete Equipment LLC and a manufacturer of asphalt pavement preservation equipment, offers its High-Volume Road Maintenance Vehicle for maximum efficiency and high-quality results on large road projects. With innovative features and in-cab controls for key variables, the High-Volume Road Maintenance Vehicle allows for fast, precise sealcoat application, even with larger aggregate mixes.

Blastcrete has a new mixer-pump for high-volume gypsum applications

Blastcrete Equipment LLC, a long-time manufacturer of shotcrete and gunite mixers and pumps, has introduced the RS180 Mixer-Pump with variable speeds from 0-18 cubic yards per hour and long-distance and high-volume pumping capabilities. The RS180 is a user-friendly, economical option for gypsum flooring underlayment, grouting, cellular concrete and some wet shotcrete applications. It offers contractors smoother material delivery for specialty applications, ease-of-use for operation and maintenance, and durability for optimum efficiency in a variety of applications.

High output easy-to-use mixer/pump

The new MX-20MT mixer/pump from Blastcrete Equipment Company gives contractors a high-output, easy-to-use unit for superb productivity on shotcrete and refractory work in a variety of applications, including steel mills, cement plants and petrochemical plants. The machine provides twice the output of the company's popular MX-10 mixer/pump yet has nearly the same compact footprint. It's mounted to a single-chassis trailer for convenience as well as fast and easy transportation, setup and cleaning. 

Blastcrete Equipment Company Upgrades MX-10 Mixer/Pump for Greater Efficiency

The upgraded MX-10 Mixer/Pump from Blastcrete Equipment Company has the fastest, most efficient mixing capabilities in the industry. Its new, closed-loop hydraulic circuit delivers greater speed and torque to quickly and effectively mix dense refractory materials in less than two minutes. The new system provides greater efficiency that leads to faster and greater ROI on demanding refractory wet shotcrete and pump cast applications in foundries, power generation, petrochemical, steel mills and cement manufacturing facilities.

Blastcrete Equipment Acquires Neal Manufacturing

Neal Manufacturing, the leading manufacturer of asphalt sealcoating equipment since 1978, has partnered with Blastcrete Equipment Co. and has moved its operations to Blastcrete’s 70,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility in Anniston, Ala., located just 50 miles west. Neal will operate as a division of Blastcrete.

Blastcrete Equipment Company’s Skid Steer Pump Features Universal Design

Blastcrete Equipment Company, manufacturer of concrete mixers, pumps and related products, offers the Model RD6536 Skid Steer Pump Attachment. Featuring a universal design compatible with any skid steer, the 3-inch hydraulic squeeze pump is ideal for ICF, block fill, form and pour, driveways, basements and various shotcrete applications.

 With the ability to pump grout materials, 3/8-inch shotcrete and 3/4-inch structural concrete mixes, the RD6536 is a fast, efficient solution for contractors performing a variety of concrete and shotcrete applications. The unit offers a variable speed of 0-25 cubic yards per hour. Vertical pumping distance reaches 50 feet with the use of a rubber delivery line, while horizontal distance can reach up to 250 feet.

A hydraulic agitator is included in the receiving hopper. The agitator’s continuous motion keeps the mix well-blended, ensuring aggregate and sand stay evenly suspended throughout the mix. Not only does this result in high-strength concrete, it keeps the aggregate and sand from settling to the bottom of the hopper and clogging near the suction area.

To relieve pressure build-up clogs and eliminate potential damage to the pump, the RD6536 can be run in both forward and reverse. Hydraulically powered controls are located on the pump and also operate both agitator and pump speed. 

The RD6536 weighs in at 2,700 pounds and hydraulic oil requirement is 18 GPM at 3,000 PSI. The 48-inch wide frame (55-inch with receiving hopper) is designed to be narrow enough to fit between the wheel wells of most standard work trucks. The unit includes forklift pockets to allow quick and easy loading and unloading from the transport vehicle.

Maintenance requirements for the RD6536 are simple and take just minutes. The steel-constructed unit is designed to prevent any concrete from coming in contact with the pump’s moving parts, further reducing maintenance concerns and ensuring a long service life. The primary wear part, the rubber pumping tube, can be easily replaced on the jobsite in about 20 minutes. And unlike other types of concrete pumps, clean-up on the RD6536 squeeze pump is fast and hassle-free. Using just water and a sponge ball, the pump can be cleaned out in approximately 5 minutes. 

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