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Address 5977 Trans-Canada Highway, Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 1C1, CA
Toll free 1-800-363-7368
Fax 514-630-2825
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Company Description:

Walter Surface Technologies has been a leader in surface treatment technologies for more than 60 years, and has been providing high productivity abrasives, power tools, tooling, chemical solutions and environmental solutions for the metal working industry. Founded in 1952, Walter Surface Technologies is now established in 7 countries in North America, South America and Europe.

Safety, productivity, and sustainability are the three pillars around which Walter has evolved, and products have been developed. From the most powerful corded grinders, to world-class abrasives including the ZIPCUT thin cut-off wheel and XCAVATOR grinding wheel, no products are as performing nor as productive as Walter products. Guaranteed to outperform the competition, helping you work faster, safer, and always achieve only the best results for your customers.

At Walter Surface Technologies, our purpose is to contribute to our customers’ success by helping them work better. Our products and solutions are known throughout the industry for their uncompromising performance and quality. As a company, we continuously design and develop new tools to increase productivity and safety in the metal fabricating and finishing industries. Our corporate tagline ONLY THE BEST reflects the quest for excellence and quality that is embedded in each product we develop, each service we provide, and each solution we bring to market.


Simply put, Walter’s ZIPCUT is the best. The longest lasting, most consistent cut-off wheel available on the market, and will outlast all competition. At only 3/64”, ZIPCUT embodies Walter’s commitment to bringing you only the best, plain and simple.


The XCAVATOR has the highest removal rate of any of Walter's grinding wheels and is compatible with all metals (steel, stainless, cast iron, hard alloyed steel, etc.). When the number one priority is high removal, XCAVATOR is the wheel of choice.

Confronted with some of the toughest metals in the industry, from tungsten carbide to quenched and tempered steel, the XCAVATOR demonstrated time and time again its capacity for ultra-high removal. You will feel the bite of this wheel on every type of metal!


The longest lasting and best performing flap disc on the market. With a removal rate rivalling many grinding wheels and an unsurpassed life, this is the flap disc of choice for all different applications. Available for all different types of metal.

No need to discard the disc when the flap overhang is worn down to the backing. The Enduro-Flex flap disc can be restored to like-new performance by reducing the diameter of the ECO-TRIM backing – made of a proprietary wood based material – the only one of its kind.


E-WELD 4 is Walter's premium anti-spatter that guarantees porosity-free welds. E-WELD 4 is guaranteed to protect work pieces from spatter and ensure clean welds, eliminating the need for time-consuming, costly rework by preventing weld porosity and weld cracks from forming.

E-WELD 4 also retracts in the presence of heat, leaving the welding area clean of liquid. This is the ultimate anti-spatter for saving time and improving the quality of your work! Also has excellent corrosion resistance properties, perfect for surfaces to be painted after.


The double row of bristles, designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, cover more area (1.25") allowing you to clean and prepare surfaces more quickly and easily. The removable ring keeps the brushes wires firmly in place to withstand inertia and significantly increasing the life of the brush and eliminated over flexing & bending of the bristles, resulting in a safer and longer lasting brush. The ring is removable once the bristles have begun to shorten.


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