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Henke Mfg

Address 3070 Wilson, Leavenworth, KS, 66048, US
Phone 888-682-9010
Fax 913-682-0300
Website henkemfg.com

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The Ultimate Motor Grader Package for Snow Fighting

Henke Manufacturing can provide the Ultimate Motor Grader Snow Fighting package complete with wing, lift group, front plow and installation to help you get the most from your equipment. Clear an almost 18’ path when using a 12’ front plow and 12’ wing in combination. Front plows can be full trip moldboards, angling dozer blades, or straight push dozer blades.  

Parallel lift plow

The latest snow fighting product from Henke Manufacturing is their “Parallel Lift Plow.”  Designed to remain parallel to the ground in transport or in angling positions, this unique plow can be completely removed from the truck hydraulically, leaving only a flat plate.  The truck hitch and power reversing and lifting mechanisms remain with the plow.