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Address 5707 3rd Street SE, Calgary, AB, T2H1K1, CA
Website wolffkran.com/output.php?COUNTRY_ID=1&LANG_ID=2&SITE_ID=1
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WOLFFKRAN appoints new CEO

On August 1, 2019, Dr. Peter Schiefer handed over his position as CEO to Duncan Salt, the former Head of Sales and Service. Schiefer will remain Delegate of the Board of Directors and increase his focus on the strategic development of WOLFFKRAN.

The new WOLFF 6020 clear – 140 mt flat-top WOLFF crane reloaded

The newest member of the WOLFF clear family from Wolffkran, the 6020, includes technical modifications, offering the customer highest degrees of flexibility and safety in the 140-meterton range. Major improvements include an increased tip load capacity and the integration of numerous design details of the latest WOLFF clear models.

New crane with heavy lifting capacity

With the introduction of the WOLFF 1250 B, Wolffkran is launching a new unit in the 1500mt class that has a maximum lifting capacity of 60t (at a jib radius of 25m) and can reach a jib radius of up to 80m. The counter-jib with a length of just 9.8m permits the use of the “Red Giant” under restricted spatial conditions. To minimize the time intensive and tedious task of reeving from two to three rope operations for the heavier loads, Wolffkran developed re-reeving assistance. As it has been provided with the enhanced 132 kW hoisting gear, the new WOLFF 1250 B reaches a maximum lifting capacity of 20t in one-fall, 40t in two-fall, and 60t in three-fall operations. A four-fall operation for 80t is possible. The hoisting winch in one-fall operation at a weight of 20t, which constitutes the majority of application cases, will manage top speeds of 190 metres per minute. Optimization of the hoisting gear offers the crane operator the maximum installed power at his/her disposal over all rope layers on the drum. The result: 30 percent better speed at partial loads. And the optimized performance in the luffing gear increases speed even up to 40 percent in the partial load operational range.