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The Hauf frameless, aluminum dump trailer

STECO’s new frameless aluminum version of The Hauf dump trailer is ideal for sand and gravel operations. It is available in 24- to 40-foot lengths and can be customized. Customization options include: varying widths and lengths; external or internal cylinder mount; top-hinged tailgate, high-lift, or barn door; and a variety of suspensions, wheel, and tire choices.

Dump trailer with U-frame and curved corners

Designated “The Hauf,” this dump trailer features formed side posts that extend downward from one side of the trailer across the bottom of the bed and up the opposite side, providing a complete U-frame and curved corners. The Hauf features continuous weld of the U-formed side posts, smooth bed with easy-to-clean corners, and top-hinged tailgate with remote air-controlled open and lock. It also has a 5/8-inch wall providing 25,000-pound capacity on a 71.5-inch track, and a 60,000-pound capacity single-point straddle-mount suspension. The steel full-frame provides additional stability when the bed is lifted by keeping all trailer tires on the ground. The weight and rigidity of the updated frame also increases stability.