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Allen Engineering Corporation

Address PO Box 819, Paragould, AR, 72451, US
Phone 1.800.643.0095
Fax 870.236.3934
Email [email protected]
Website alleneng.com
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Since our inception in 1964, we have enjoyed many years of providing the concrete industry with new and exciting concrete equipment with over 110 patents and trademarks issued for equipment such as truss screeds, concrete pavers, riding trowels, and composite disks.

Based in Paragould, Arkansas USA; Allen Engineering Corporation is family owned and our equipment is American made. Far from an impersonal assembly-line, our hands-on approach assures a quality product from sheet metal and tubular steel to finished machine. At each work station are craftsmen, proud of their work and determined to apply their skills toward a flawless, high quality piece of equipment.

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High-performance ride-on power trowel

Allen has announced the debut of their new HP205 Riding Trowel. The HP205 is a high performance, twin-engine ride-on power trowel.

Redesigned riding trowel

The Allen MSP 425 is a totally re-designed rider that replaces the Allen SP425 Riding Trowel. The new torque-converter clutch, and improved weight-to-horsepower ratio, make the MSP 425 a “torque-monster” among four-foot-diameter Mechanical Drive Riders. Designed to pan through the toughest pours, the MSP 425 is a concrete finisher’s dream.

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