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DuraClass Unveils New Tub Body Line Design

DuraClass recently introduced the newly improved HPT “Tub” Body Line. The line has been redesigned to meet all heavy duty dump body needs. The HPT-B1 features a closed fender design, and comes in 14- to 18-ft lengths in either carbon steel or stainless steel.The HPT-B1 has capacity ranges from 10- to 20-yard.

Alumax heavy duty dump body from DuraClass

The recently introduced DuraClass Alumax heavy duty aluminum dump body offers high strength and low body weight for long life and maximum payloads. Typically up to 50 percent lighter than traditional steel, the decreased body weight of aluminum bodies increases payload capacity, minimizes fuel consumption and can improve truck life.

Heavy-duty dump body features interlaced understructure

The DuraClass HPT heavy-duty dump body provides hauling contractors durability, strength and high payload capacity. With its interlaced understructure and vertical side braces, the HPT is built to improve productivity and provide high durability. Like all premium heavy-duty DuraClass dump bodies, the HPT uses high tensile steel throughout for superior strength and lighter body weight than comparable dump bodies.

DuraClass Yardbird light-duty truck body

The DuraClass Yardbird light duty truck body is designed to provide landscapers, contractors and municipalities with a light-duty body that doesn’t compromise on quality and durability. The Yardbird features a patented DuraClass design, with a continuous formed body sidewall and fully enclosed top rail for superior resistance to moisture and corrosion. The double-wall body side, full depth rear corner posts and enclosed front corner posts, and the interlaced understructure provide strength and rigidity.  

Spreading solution

The Sidewinder offers a solution for spreading material during the winter months and operates as a standard dump body in warmer weather. The body sidewall – shaped into a continuous top rail, side and running board configuration – prevents potential moisture and freeze problems. A front-mounted inverted telescopic hoist with hard, chrome-plated sleeves eliminates the need for a cylinder housing in the body.

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