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ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Address Graf-von-Soden-Platz 1, Friedrichshafen, 88046, DE
Phone 49 7541 77-0
Fax 49 7541 77-908000
Website zf.com
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ZF Innovation Tractor design features driver assist technology for off-highway applications

ZF Friedrichshafen AG has designed an Innovation Tractor to demonstrate how safety, comfort and efficiency can be enhanced by applying intelligent systems from the passenger car and commercial vehicle segments to off-highway vehicles. The Innovation Tractor is equipped with environmental cameras in order to monitor its surroundings; the data from these cameras is then utilized to enable the vehicle to maneuver semi-autonomously or via mobile devices operated outside the driver's cab, making it easier to hitch implements. Cameras with pedestrian detection capabilities help to further enhance the safety of such operations. Drivetrain electrification in the Innovation Tractor comes courtesy of the powerful ZF TERRA+ generator module, an electric single-wheel drive for trailers and implements. Coupled with specially developed traction management, it provides optimum off-road maneuverability.

Technical innovations for dump truck transmissions

ZF has developed a Hydrodynamic Pow-ershift Transmission, the ERGOPOWER L II that transmits an engine power of up to 400 kW (540 hp) and a maximum input torque of 2,500 Nm without interrupting the tractive force, thus being specifically designed for application in dump trucks of up to 50 tons payload. The ERGOPOWER L II has eight forward and four reverse gears which increase the overall transmission ratio from 7 to 11 versus previous dumper transmission generations. This makes high-load carrying on off-road surfaces quicker and more economical due to a wide overall transmission ratio and equal ratio steps which allow increased driving speeds at low engine rpm. Fuel consumption is also reduced since the increased transmission ratio reduces the engine speed by up to 15 percent. The ERGOPOWER L II changes gears without interrupting the tractive force, and the electronic control ensures optimum gear steps. The integrated primary retarder offers a very efficient brake performance which can fully replace the service brake even at low speeds, thus preventing wear. With a torque distribution of 1:2, the longitudinal differential provides the necessary power new X62 to all drive axles including the relating traction in off-road application and, if required, is allowed to lock under full load. Manufacturers benefit from the high flexibility for installation.