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NETZSCH manufacturers Progressive Cavity Pumps and Rotary Lobe Pumps, which are efficient  for a wide range of fluid properties and volumes. NETZSCH NEMO® progressive cavity pumps can transfer crude oil, heavy oil, viscous oil and oil-gas-sand mixture. NEMO® and TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pumps are engineered to handle a complex range of products from low viscosity to highly viscous and from shear-sensitive to product heavily laden with solid matter.

NETZSCH Multiphase Pumps are used for pumping oil, gas and water mixtures with solids. The advantages are numerous – low operating and maintenance cost, very low shear rate, installation in any position and extremely efficient in the transportation of oil/water mixtures with a high content of sand and/or gas.  

NETZSCH TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pumps are a self-priming, valveless pump which offers high performance and is selected and configured for the individual application requirements. This pump is designed for intermittent or continuous operation, providing gentle pumping of the product. The TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pump is ideally suited for transfer, process and dosing applications.  

NETZSCH Injection Pumps are used to inject water, produced water and slurries into oil wells, inject polymer into oil wells, pumping at high systems pressure and conveyance over long distances. The NETZSCH Injection pumps are almost pulsation-free and are very efficient in the handling of highly viscous products.  

Our high, quality products are manufactured according to the highest international standards in our production facilities, which are located in Germany, Brazil, USA, India and China. NETZSCH Canada has offices in Calgary, Ontario and Quebec. With our worldwide presence, we are able to incorporate the latest market trends and requirements into the development and improvement of our products.  

NETZSCH, is the world leader, with 60 years experience and over 500,000 progressing cavity pump installations worldwide. With sales, production and service on 5 continents, ensuring customer support to provide Pumps & Systems for solutions you can trust.    

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