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Netzsch BT pumps

Netzsch BT pumps
Industrial NEMO Semi-Submerged Pumps BT in block construction are used in a wide range of industries. This pump is the modified block pump BY version in vertical mounting position, normally with the drive arranged above. The rotor/stator system and most of the pump housing and immersed tube are immersed in the pumped medium. Submersible pumps are used for draining fluids, pastes, dewatered sludges etc. with different viscosities, also abrasive or aggressive media. Losses from suction pipe and stator entry are drastically reduced owing to the direct flow of fluid – without a 90-degree elbow – into the rotor/stator system. The pumps are therefore especially suitable for handling high-viscosity fluids. Often these pumps are successfully used for conveying fluids that would otherwise have been handled by a pump with feed screw.

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