HAWE Hydraulics

9009-K Perimeter Woods Drive
Charlotte, NC
US, 28216

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Modular hydraulic components

Modular hydraulic components

HAWE Hydraulics offers rugged hydraulic components that can be assembled into fully-integrated systems, providing competitive, lightweight, and cost-effective solutions. Products include variable displacement axial piston pumps (V60N), proportional directional spool valves (PSL), over-centre valves (LHT), and programmable logical valve controls (PLVC). The company can provide the best possible solution by reviewing application details with customers either in person or over the phone. With the available tools, the company provides schematics, general arrangement drawings, and 3-D drawings in a very short time. This process allows for the implementation of the best practices in design to provide a successful prototype, leading to a quick transition into the production environment.

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